Regional Companies

Regional Companies
GroupM is connected to regional media and marketing services companies worldwide

GroupM agencies work hand in hand with regional companies around the globe who provide specialist services in areas including analytics, digital marketing, sponsorship evaluation, social media and search marketing. Our relationships include more than a dozen providers in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

North America
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Modi Media

A next-gen GroupM capability, Modi Media is an advanced-TV business unit specializing in all areas of Advanced television. Working with brands and services across a wide technological and data driven spectrum, Modi understands the intersection of consumer electronics, entertainment and advanced TV targeting.

 Modi connects brands to consumers in an addressable way, enabling GroupM's agencies to make smarter decisions about how we targeted consumers on television.

 Modi's four key services include:

  1. Data Driven Entertainment (the ability to promote video content sales, rentals and tune-in through a variety of on demand/Digital TV solutions
  2. Addressable TV (the ability to send a specific commercial to one household and not another
  3. Hyper-Local TV (the ability to insert a television commercial directly to a specific zip code through set-top boxes)
  4. Interactive TV (iTV) (a custom-branded experience that incorporates the interactivity and versatility of the Internet with the sight, sound, motion and reach of TV – all powered by remote control)


Contact:  Michael Bologna, +1-212-297-7029

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Powered by GroupM, The Midas Exchange is WPP’s corporate trade company, delivering superior media quality and accountability in corporate trade transactions. Midas specialize in purchasing undervalued/underperforming assets including excess inventories, automobiles, real estate, aged receivables, corporate aircraft, capital equipment, capacity, etc. at up to full book valueof these assets in the form of Midas/GroupM backed Trade Credits or Cash. In exchange, Midas executes a portion of the client’s future planned and budgeted media expenditures. Corporate Trade has evolved into a highly accountable  business solution and is used by many Fortune 1000 companies as a strategic marketing resource to recover greater valuation on under-performing assets as well as enhance marketing and media expenditure. With over 70 clients, and over $500Million in billings, Midas offers unique solutions for GroupM and non-GroupM clients. For further information, please contact Kathy Kladopoulos President of Midas.

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Catalyst is a pioneer in the digital marketing industry focusing on search and social marketing campaigns since 1998.  We are renowned for our strategic approach and excellence in servicing Fortune 1000 companies, including many of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Catalyst injects innovative thinking into all we do, from developing campaigns, understanding the customer journey, designing efficient operations, and everything in between. At Catalyst we have a strong belief in the power of data.  Whether we are working on Search or Social campaigns, we believe that the right data and our ability to leverage it, allows us to create award winning campaigns and ensures that our clients brands stand out. With consumers moving fluidly between platforms, devices and channels, we understand how to win the fight for the consumer’s attention. This is achieved by consistently monitoring consumer behavior and trends, and adapting as needed.

Solutions include asset optimization, community management, competitive reporting, content strategy and creation, e-Retail optimization, influencer relationship management, Mobile SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO, and Social SEO. 

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Asia Pacific
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Astus Asia
Europe, Middle East, Africa
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