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24/7 Media

24/7 Media, Inc., formerly 24/7 Real Media, is a leader in digital marketing technology, serving advertisers, agencies and digital publishers worldwide.  The company has been in the forefront of media innovation for fifteen years.  The 24/7 technology platform spans every digital channel, providing users with unprecedented control and consolidated data analysis. This technology powers two specialized business units:  Real Media Group helps marketing organizations engage their audiences with superior precision, transparency and return on investment. The group also helps digital publishers monetize their properties and manage advertising operations more effectively. Media Innovation Group provides advertisers and agencies with strategic consulting and implementation services that deliver competitive advantage in fields being transformed by technology.

MIG – (b3/Zeus)
The Media Innovation Group (MIG), develops technology products that improve the process of acquiring, optimizing, and measuring digital media. The MIG uses its proprietary technology and strategic partnerships to dramatically increase the performance of digital advertising. B3, the MIG’s digital advertising optimization product, is the leading agency tool for acquiring and optimizing display advertising. ZAP, the MIG’s integrated advertising and analytics tool, gives advertisers unprecedented visibility into the performance of digital advertising campaigns. With offices in New York and London, the MIG operates across North America and Europe.

Proclivity Systems


Areas of expertise: digital and offline targeting, predictive analytics

Proclivity Systems ( offers solutions that predict what consumers will purchase by computing consumer economic valuations, which enables businesses to identify specific audiences and make targeted offers through any marketing channel.  Backed by intelligent analysis and reporting, marketers can make the type of revenue predictions that help guide smarter business decisions.  Proclivity’s customers include leading brands in multiple verticals. Based in New York City, Proclivity was recognized as one of the 50 technology start-ups to watch by BusinessWeek.

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Headquartered in New York City and Princeton, New Jersey, INVIDI Technologies Corporation is the world’s only truly addressable targeted television advertising and marketing solution for cable, satellite and IPTV service providers at the headend, household and individual viewer level. INVIDI was founded in 2000 to resolve the growing disparity between pay television’s greater share of television viewership and its disproportionately smaller share of advertising revenue. While television’s large share of advertising dollars is testimony to its overall effectiveness, many marketers view television advertising as increasingly inefficient, because it reaches wide or beyond the advertiser’s target audiences, and therefore results in significant “waste.”

INVIDI provides cable, satellite and IPTV operators the opportunity to position their services as the most comprehensive source available for targeted television advertising and promotion. INVIDI’s powerful suite of advanced tools enables operators to selectively target television viewers with the same pinpoint accuracy as direct mail and database marketing — without compromising viewer privacy and, thereby, enhancing existing revenue streams and cultivating significant new revenue opportunities.

INVIDI’s proprietary technology enables television service providers to simultaneously deliver multiple and distinct commercial streams to different households or individual set-top boxes during a single commercial break while also controlling reach, frequency and separation of the commercial assets. This increases advertising inventory and revenue opportunities for operators, while providing advertisers and media buyers with the first truly measurable and accountable way to place television advertising in front of the desired viewer demographic. With INVIDI, advertisers can select specific households and individual audience demographics and target them with specific numbers of commercial impressions.

Visible World
Visible World is the leading provider of targeted television advertising solutions that enable advertisers to effectively target, efficiently customize, and rapidly change their messages to address diverse audiences and business situations. intelliSpot® campaigns increase relevance and engagement by providing advanced capabilities necessary to target real-time offers, products, and creative based on geography, programming, inventory levels, time of day, weather, and other data-driven conditions. Today, Visible World helps over 200 advertisers target consumers in ~100 millions U.S. television households and across more than 1,500 major websites with intelliSpot campaigns.