GroupM Data & Technology

We create the products that make advertising work better for people.

As the group’s data and technology powerhouse, we are ushering in the next era of media by co-creating products that prove responsibility and intelligence aren’t a trade-off.


We believe in a better way of advertising — one that balances the privacy of consumers with the precision of messaging. Mastering human data without forgetting about the human: that’s what we’re all about. We develop, centralize and integrate products with integrity, helping our clients and agency partners understand the complexities of handling first and third party data.


Together, we create a space where all can speak and be heard, grow and fail, influence and impact. We believe in the power of shared successes. Inside and outside of our walls, we pride ourselves on being a community that gets things done while lifting the voices of all its members. We work with and welcome partners of all shapes and sizes, integrating a diversity of perspective into products that push our industry forward.


Our superpower is our collective intelligence. We bring together ideas, insight and technology to answer today’s most challenging media problems — and anticipate those of the future. As connectors and integrators in a disjointed and confusing data ecosystem, we enable others to focus on the outputs of their work — not the inputs of ours.

We Play with Giants

That is huge data sets. Big brands. Complex challenges. Influential partners and even bigger ambitions. With a compelling combination of people and partners, we co-create impactful, responsible products that make advertising work better for people.

Our current standing within the media ecosystem allows us to provide our clients with a unique perspective grounded equally in privacy and precision. This is the core of our software products and services because solving the media challenges of today and tomorrow require robust operation in research, technology development and data.

We invested over $100M in software development and data science to empower our clients with intelligence at scale, derived from every piece of media activity, while respecting consumer privacy. Our software helps our clients invest with integrity, and activate with confidence, ultimately making media work better for consumers.

Our product portfolio is powered by our globally-recognized consumer perspectives (live in 57 markets), advanced strategic simulation capabilities, a fully integrated and scaled audience intelligence hub, an omni-channel data platform, and a digital-first activation stack.

Our data engineers and strategists, product managers and customer success teams are driven to make marketing technology work better for our clients and their customers. 

With expertise in data science, audience insights, simulations and reporting & automation, our 350-person strong team provide the collective intelligence that drive our ability to provide leading data-driven decisions for our clients. 

Each team member also has one or more advanced accreditations and certifications from leading industry platforms.

We know the key to unlocking the value of data-driven marketing lies in the creation of a comprehensive network of collaborative, strategic partnerships. And we believe the most successful partnerships leverage collective intelligence to develop unified strategies that solve the industry’s most challenging problems and unlock capabilities neither party could bring to bear alone.

With this philosophy at the heart of everything we do, we team up with the world’s leading media and technology organizations — including Adobe, Amazon, Baidu, Facebook, Google, and TTD — to develop innovative solutions and bring unique advantage to our portfolio of clients —  all while staying true to our vision of making advertising work better for people.