February 8, 2017

GroupM Netherlands Organizes Educational Event For Kids Of IMC Weekend School

In the Netherlands colleagues from all over GroupM and the agencies co-operated in organizing a special Sunday afternoon event for kids of the IMC Weekend School. This special school introduces children aged 10 to 14 from disadvantaged neighborhoods and often of migration background to the world of work through passionate professionals acting as volunteers. In a three-year course, volunteers introduce students to a wide range of professions and topics, including medicine, law, computer studies, philosophy, technology, astrology, and the arts.

IMC Weekend School’s philosophy is that education should broaden future prospects, increase self-confidence and strengthen ties with the Dutch society. It does so by engaging them in real-life education. Through sustained collaboration with professionals, students learn to understand their options in society, their preferences, the audacity to pursue their talents, and the value of contributing positively to society.

To support this philosophy we have invited around 40 kids on Sunday 20th November 2016 to our office in Amsterdam and introduced them to the world of media, technology and innovation. 

During the day they attended 3 different kind of workshops, which were focused on these 3 pillars: 

Innovation:        The kids were introduced to several technical innovations such as 3D printer,  chatbot, eye tracking, NAO Robot and virtual reality.

Media:                 We showed them the activities of a media agency and the kids were challenged to come up with ideas about reaching young audiences.

Technology:      The kids learned how to use Scratch, which is a free programming language and online community where they created their own interactive story. 

The kids were very excited, to be honest, mostly about virtual reality and robots. Their teachers were very happy with the program we run and we, the colleagues who run the program, had a great Sunday afternoon contributing and making a small difference in the lives of these kids. 


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