January 22, 2016

2016: Truth and Reconciliation in Media and Adtech?

Advertising in 2015 was the year of little truth and less reconciliation. A year in which trust in everything from supply chain integrity to agency and ad tech business practices was questioned yet unresolved. (By the way was March 23rd 2014, the day of the Wall Street Journal article, really the day in which network sellers became aware that 36% of traffic was fraudulent?)

A year in which business partnership was reframed as vendor management and the year that everyone knew that the system we knew was broken and replaced by a system of challenged faith and incomplete science, or better said we replaced a broken system with a broken system. 

2015 was the year of claim, counter claim and protestation. A year of declaimed certainty met with a variable balance of hope, doubt and cynicism. Our business turned into the Republican primary season. 



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