July 5, 2016

A look inside Xaxis’ Co-Pilot initiative

The Drum shines a light on how the GroupM media investment unit is leveraging its relationship with AppNexus to harness machine learning, and better improve the performance of its media traders, and usher in the age of ‘programmable marketing’.

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) – for many of those involved in the advertising industry such terms are nothing more than buzz phrases used by panelists on the conference circuit, with little real application to contemporary media practice.

However, while the more cynical in the industry may dismiss the above phrases as merely the domain of science fiction, the impact of such technologies (be it positive, or negative) will be felt a lot sooner than such cynics think.

The latest issue of The Drum magazine, guest edited by IBM’s AI system Watson demonstrated that, while not without its problems, the technology is within the grasp of the contemporary marketer.

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