December 8, 2016

Ad Blocking Prescription: Make Digital Advertising Better

The relationship between consumers and advertising is changing. Advertising has fueled the explosive growth of the Internet and mobile media, bringing access to valuable content, services and applications at little or no cost to consumers.  However, much of this growth has taken place without enough attention to user experience. Consumers have become increasingly frustrated with ads that disrupt their experience, interrupt content and slow browsing. 

Consumers’ dissatisfaction with ads has created one of the biggest challenges for advertisers worldwide: ad blocking. According to Deloitte, As of mid-2015, there were an estimated 200 million monthly active users of ad-blockers on PCs globally, with 77 million active users in Europe and 45 million in the United States alone. eMarketer reported that in 2016 69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker, a jump of 34.4 percent from last year. The same report found that next year, that figure is expected to grow another 24 percent to 86.6 million people. 



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