July 24, 2017

Ad Industry Group May Consider Tougher 100% Standard for Digital Ad Viewability

Half an ad has been enough to comprise a digital "view" according to the industry's Media Rating Council for the past three years, but the group may consider toughening its oft-maligned standard to require every single ad pixel displays.

That would close some of the "viewability" gap between the industry standard and the much stricter requirements of enormous ad buyers including Unilever and GroupM.

They would effectively align on display ads, where GroupM already demands that 100% of an ad shows on-screen for any amount of time and the Media Rating Council has required 50% to appear in view for at least one second. And it would get them closer on video. GroupM needs every pixel of a video ad to appear on-screen for at least half the purchased time or 30 seconds, whichever is longer, and requires consumers to press play. MRC requires half of a video ad to be in view for at least two seconds before it calls it "viewable."

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