August 22, 2016

Ad-Tech in 2020- Part 3

This article concludes the predictions for Ad-Tech in 2020. There are many other topics to discuss and many other technologies that need to be put through their paces, however, this article will wrap up this series.

As mentioned in part 1 and part 2 the three key driving pressures which are forcing the Advertising Industry to evolve can be defined as the "TEP rule". These are; Increased Transparency; Increased Efficiency and Increased Performance; These underlining pressured are forcing each of the AdTech companies to evolve and here are some more predictions for 2020.


Search and Social Platforms

Search and Social platforms are the Ad-Tech companies that automate the management of large volumes of search keywords.

When campaigns only had a handful of keywords then humans would manually optimise campaigns. Bid Management platforms came into existence when the number of keywords in a campaign became too large to comfortable handle manually. It's rather frightening to think that Search Optimisation tools like Bid Managers are a series of computers that optimise campaigns which are run buy other computers in the hope that a human will see and click on an advert. This is a great example of Artificial Intelligence in our industry. 

Here are three key things to focus on for Search and Social between now and 2020.

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