May 26, 2016

Ari Bluman: The Accomplishments of an Accomplished Man

Ari Bluman, who passed away at age 44 on May 25, was the Chief Digital Investment Officer of GroupM. Public messages and private conversations in the thousands followed. The sense of profound loss has been shared through deeply personal stories with a common thread of love and respect.

GroupM is just one party for whom Ari is irreplaceable. During his illness he was surrounded by unconditional love of friends, family, colleagues and people from across an industry that is unique in its ability to combine combat with camaraderie.

Ari was just as rare in this regard combining stubbornness and belligerence with a huge sense of humanity and a truly sharp intellect.

He applied that intellect to the identification, quantification and solution of deeply complex business problems that required real understanding of how markets worked and the motivations of the stakeholders. Critically, Ari understood the role of a technology ecosystem that created the market in which he dealt and that had equal potential to corrupt and purify its key commodity. In business as in life battles are harder to fight when the good guys and the bad guys look the same.

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