October 11, 2016

Beyond Cord Cutting...What Will Move Millennials and Centennials?

It's becoming abundantly clear to everyone connected to the U.S. television economy that the once near universal reach of the cable television bundle is in decline. What’s more, the reach that remains is under growing competition and increasing value scrutiny.

The phenomena is broadly segmented into three behavioral groups:

1. Cord Cutters: Those who have abandoned the bundled TV package altogether in favor of Over The Top video only from Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as content like HBO Go and CBS All Access, a version of which was previously available as part of the bundle.

2. Cord Shavers: Those who have removed many (and often premium priced) channels from their bundle.

3. Cord Nevers: Those who never signed up for TV packages and simply buy a broadband connection (albeit often from a cable company) in order to access OTT and other digital services.



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