August 31, 2015

Brand Equity In-Depth Interview with Dominic Proctor, Global President GroupM, About the State of Media Business

In August, 2015, GroupM’s Global President, Dominic Proctor, engaged in a lively dialogue with ET Now’s Sonali Krishna that covered the gamut of issues facing brands and their agencies including global media pitches, transparency issues, the evolution of the digital advertising marketplace, and programmatic buying.  Proctor discussed how the medium has become equally if not more important to the message in advertising and how the world’s largest marketers have come to depend on the media investment management agencies to plan and continuously optimize their efforts to find and engage consumer audiences.  He explained that the spate of media pitches seen in 2015 were not merely about delivering to clients the best price, but also the effort of marketers to better understand the dynamic and quickly evolving media marketplaces across the globe.  The interview took place in India and naturally covered the extent of GroupM’s efforts in Asia Pacific and Proctor’s views on the opportunities in high growth markets like China.  




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