September 13, 2017

Brand Safety or Performance?

Questions around brand safety are not new, yet online advertising presents unique challenges as the volume and speed of ad delivery increases, and inventory is bought by audiences across all content; the resulting choice, then, is one of competing concerns – ad performance, or brand safety.

Writing in a WARC Best Practice article, GroupM’s Brand Safety and Digital Risk Director for EMEA, Bethan Crockett, acknowledges that the only way to remove all risk is to buy directly, “where the surrounding content is known in advance and will not change for the entire duration that an ad is shown.”

Rarely, however, is the answer that simple. To buy directly is to “limit access to available inventory, audiences and tools”, Crockett argues. A “risk-based approach must be used.”

There is a diminishing scale of insight when moving from single to aggregated inventory sources and from direct to indirect buying models, Crockett notes. Yet, the risks of unsafe environments can be minimised by establishing a more transparent supply strategy.

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