February 11, 2016

Career Advice from Maxus’ Global CEO Lindsay Pattison

Secrets of My Success: Lindsay Pattison, Global Chief Executive, Maxus Global 

What do you do?

I run the worldwide operations of Maxus, which is a media investment management agency. That means our 2700 staff plan and buy advertising space for our clients and measure its success for them. We work across all media, from news brands to TV ads, billboards, social media and web search. I’m based in London but travel about three weeks in four to our offices around the world. (I’m in a hotel room in Sydney now, having just been to New Zealand and Las Vegas). I try to divide my time into thirds: a third on creating and communicating the company’s strategic priorities for our staff; a third on external activities like speaking at conferences to build the profile of Maxus; and a third with clients.

What do you like most  about your job?

Everything! The travel is really fun and media is a brilliant industry to work in. I love the fact that advertising is so tangible, it’s something everyone uses all the time. I like the way digital media now means we can be sure about how much our clients get back from their ad spend. A digital ad will often now lead directly to the customer clicking through to buy. That’s not like the bad old days when there used to be a saying: “half of my advertising works, but I don’t know which half.”



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