October 10, 2017

Catalyst Study: 63% of Amazon Advertisers Plan to Spend Even More Over the Next Year

Survey says growth rate is higher than with Facebook or Google

Is Amazon’s growing ad business actually a threat to the duopoly of Facebook and Google, or is its potential mostly just hype? A new study from GroupM-owned Catalyst suggests the former.

According to Catalyst’s research, 63 percent of U.S. brands who currently advertise on Amazon plan to up their budget with the platform over the next year. Meanwhile, 54 percent of the same group of brands said they planned to up their Google budgets, while 53 percent planned to beef up Facebook. Another 27 percent of advertisers said they planned to invest in Bing, and 23 percent singled out Twitter for more budgets.

Interestingly, only 15 percent of marketers said that they were using all of Amazon’s advertising products—called Amazon Marketing Services (or AMS). Another 17 percent of advertisers said that they had a fully developed and fleshed-out strategy specific for Amazon.

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