January 13, 2016

CES 2016: MEC’s Key Takeaways

2016’s CES ATTRACTED 170,000+ ATTENDEES AND 3,500 EXHIBITORS FROM AROUNDTHE WORLD: MANUFACTURERS, DEVELOPERS, SUPPLIERS, TECHNOLOGISTS, CREATORS, CMOS, MARKETERS AND MANY MORE. The Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the annual international forward- focused consumer electronics and technology conference in LasVegas.The show offers a glimpse at (the very near) technological-driven solutions of tomorrow. Historically,CES has been home to major innovation announcements such as Blu-Ray, DVDs and Xbox. 2016 was no exception, featuring a slew of sexy, eye-catching technologies for the car, body, home and pretty much everything else you can connect to a smartphone or sensor. This year we also saw a move from bright shiny objects to genuine, real user utility, going beyond the gimmick to enhance and optimize everyday life. Major themes included connected living, the Internet of Things, smart technology, automated cars and higher caliber content, with 4KTVs taking main stage.



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