January 11, 2016

CES 2016: Mindshare’s POV on virtual reality, wearables and more

Once again IT geeks and marketing gurus descended on Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which has arguably become the second biggest global advertising conference of the year after Cannes. The conference continues to expand beyond the convention center, and as usual there was plenty of action both in the showrooms as well as along the strip. As expected, TV, smartphone, and tablet screens got flatter, clearer, and smarter. Cars continue to get pimped up with new technology, including BMW’s Air Touch motion sensor, which enables you to control your auto via gestures. And homes are more connected and intelligent than ever before; even the long-mooted Smart Fridge may finally become a larger reality with Samsung’s Interview video camera that lets you see what’s in your fridge remotely from your mobile phone. Here are few more trends that really stuck out this year. 



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