May 26, 2016

Digiday Explores Publishers' Take On GroupM Viewability Standards

GroupM’s strict definition of viewability is a touchy subject for publishers. It is so strict, in fact, that of the six publishers Digiday spoke to for this story, not a single executive was willing to go on the record. “It’s upfront season, man,” one said.

Controlling roughly a third of global ad spend, GroupM holds a lot of sway. And when it comes to viewability, it prefers a more rigid definition than the industry norm set by the Media Ratings Council. For display ads, the agency demands 100 percent in-view impressions, and with video, it requires that 100 percent of the video player is in-view and that half of the ad has been viewed with the sound on — and also no autoplay. Meanwhile, the MRC-approved norm accepts 50 percent in-view for one second with display ads and 50 percent in-view for two seconds with video.

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