March 3, 2017

Digital platforms making serious attempt to win TV’s big brand advertising

Digital captured 72 cents of every new ad dollar and TV captured 21 cents in 2016, according to the latest analysis from GroupM, which is disregarding print from the equation as its share of all advertising is falling. The company predicts that in 2017, 77 new ad dollars will go to print and 17 to television. “We do not consider digital as big as traditional TV yet, with TV’s ad share largely stable at 42% in 2016 and 41% in 2017,” the company adds in its annual ‘Interaction’ study, which is a broad analysis of the advertising world for clients and partners.

GroupM says digital fuels its growth by recruiting long-tail advertisers and winning share from other media. “To this it now adds a serious attempt to win TV’s big-brand advertising, an endeavour which will turn [rely] as much on digital’s quality as on its undoubted quantity.”

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