June 6, 2016

Director of Privacy Rachel Glasser on Using Data and Digital Targeting for Good

When it comes to advertising, it's important to act responsibly. Whether it's making only accurate product claims, collecting and using data responsibly, or respecting consumer choices, the industry has an imperative to make a positive impact on society at the same time it drives business

Too often advertising gets a bad rap, but the amount of good it stimulates for companies that employ workers whom are also consumers -- and to economies -- cannot be over-stated.  Advertising is also often used to directly support charitable organizations and government entities for the specific purpose of helping the public.  

The Federation of Internet Alerts (FIA) is a shining example. Since 1996, the use of radio, Internet and wireless SMS technology on behalf of the emergency alert system has proven successful in informing the public of severe weather conditions and other emergencies like child abductions or threats of terrorism. Smartphone users are now accustomed to seeing these notifications, typically accompanied by a vibration or sound, depending on phone settings. The importance of these alerts is self-evident, but evolving technologies and consumer behaviors have required innovations to ensure the emergency alert system is as state of the art as commercial communications practices.

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