January 9, 2017

ESP Predicts Top Trends in Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Bringing out the 10 trends in sports and entertainment for 2017, ESP Properties, a specialist business unit of GroupM predicts the following trends in the new year...

1. New monetization avenues sparked by Film surround content

While full-length features will go all out in terms of marketing associations, there will be a strategic effort to tie in pre-release, release and post-release film content to drive audience engagement. This strategy will be used more creatively for movie marketing and build up. Leveraging celebrity popularity will be closely tied to a thriving digital ecosystem; thus, creating a conducive environment for content-driven film promotions for brands to capitalize and invariably engage via a robust social media conversation.

2. Targeted movie marketing because of digital influence:

While the past couple of years have exemplified the necessary role of big data, targeted movie marketing as an avenue benefits from the rich marketing data accumulated from both digital and traditional media. Harnessing psychographic data will essentially lead to even smaller and medium budget films to grab a precisely engaged audience. 2016 paved the way for this trend and 2017 will only define it to a cleverly adapted manner.

3. Media rights market influenced by newer platforms for sports in India

2017 will bring the spotlight on disruptive trends in the way bids are traditionally made for media rights; considering multiple media rights are up for renewal. As is the case in every industry and realm, digital and social platforms are expected to take long terms positions to build, engage, influence and disrupt the consumer mindscape and consumption pattern.



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