June 10, 2016

'Fix the user experience first': Why we won't pay for ads forced on ad blockers

No means no when it comes to ad blockers, according to GroupM.

The media-buying giant is closing off a growing alternative for publishers beset by ad blocking: ad reinsertion, a method by which publishers can deliver ads to users who have ad blockers installed. Publishers often work with vendors like Secret Media and Sourcepoint to re-insert ads that ad blockers block. In fact, sometimes those ads can fetch a premium since ad-blocking users are thought more valuable. But GroupM, which controls roughly a third of global ad spend, literally isn’t buying it.

“Our concern is that this is kind of an opaque way to reach consumers who have explicitly said they don’t want to be advertised to by virtue of them using ad blockers,” said John Montgomery, chairman of GroupM Connect.

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