December 8, 2016

GroupM APAC CEO Sees Future of Communications in Data & Connectivity

It’s no secret: Giant systems dominate the communications world. Social behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter and Line. Messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Kakao Talk and WeChat. Operating systems like Android and iOS. Discovery systems like Google, Pinterest, Baidu and the rest.

These systems create interlocking constellations of activity and individuals. They touch adjoining constellations like Amazon, Alibaba, Netflix and others that form, together with the physical world, the communications galaxy in which we now inhabit.

To communicate effectively within this galaxy, brands face the complex challenge of accommodating each different system’s functionality while also creating and maintaining personal connections with the consumers they seek to reach.

It’s a delicate balance of numbers and narrative: Hard data analytics drive distribution, but what’s being distributed must be softer—a story that encourages an emotional connection to the brand.



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