July 24, 2014

GroupM launches NEXT, an innovation and consumer insights oriented interactive publication

GroupM has launched NEXT, an innovation and consumer insights oriented interactive publication.  This first issue is focused on the present and future impact of mobile devices, platforms and sensors.  It looks at shopping, the Instagram phenomenon, and established and emerging tech companies likely to shape the future of smartphones and beyond. 


Included in NEXT is proprietary research – and insights informed by econometric modeling – to offer a closer look at mobility and the shifts that are happening in the mobile world. 


CEO Chris Copeland from GroupM Next says: “The consumer independence that is being enabled by mobile hardware and the freedom from wires is transforming every aspect of business. To support brand marketers, we have created NEXT to share an understanding of how consumer behaviors are evolving and the opportunities that are created as a result.”


Research conducted by GroupM Next, as detailed in the publication, shows 70% percent of consumers say they usually or sometimes allow notifications on their smartphones. Additionally, the rate of making purchases is twice as high among consumers 15-34 compared to other age group. When you start to understand what this data represents in the context of mobility and the big picture view of shifts in trends, preferences and innovation, one can begin to see where we’re headed as societies, consumers and marketers.


Other highlights include:

• 76% of consumers are willing to share personal information in exchange for more relevant discounts and offers ( Feature article: “A Mobile Shopping Revolution.”)

• Survey results show any emotion will connect on Instagram (Spotlight article: “No Filter.")

• An exploration of the evolution on the horizon where passive discovery becomes passive decision making (Epilogue: “Life, Interrupted.”)

• What’s a brand’s mobile personality? A fun, interactive quiz helps marketers find out.


The creation of GroupM’s interactive publication NEXT provides a unique opportunity to share long-form viewpoints on the rapidly changing technology driven world around us. The publication is rooted in data and with each volume examining consumer and technological shifts and their implications.


Complete access to the full issue of NEXT is available at www.groupmnext.com.



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