June 30, 2016

GroupM Leads the Debate on Programmatic and Ad Tech in Australia

Take a handful of outspoken professionals that have strong individual views and put them on an industry panel: suddenly their individual voices are replaced by a singular generic group point of view. This is sad because the audience doesn't attend the event to hear a group consensus, they are there to hear professionals share their individual views. Nothing destroys a healthy debate like a microphone and and an audience.

Moreover, there seems to be more industry events each year which makes it harder for individual views to shine through. One industry professional recently confidentially had this to say: "This panel is exactly the same as several previous panels on the same topic. Nothing is changing. The industry is just rehashing the same worn-out topics."

After noticing this concerning trend, it was important to understand why panelists were so shy and wanted to hide behind a common group voice. After talking to many industry professionals about this topic a theme started to emerge. Generally, their responses can be grouped together these three categories.



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