November 15, 2017

GroupM Pulls Spend From Middlemen With Hidden Fees

If an agency spends $100 programmatically for its client, how much money actually ends up with the publisher?

Agencies and marketers want to know – especially GroupM.

As awareness of hidden fees continues to rise, GroupM is doing more than just tracking where media spend ends up. It’s pulling and rerouting spend to take advantage of lower fee paths to supply.

“We are looking to consolidate where we can with the best partnerships,” said Sarah Warner, digital investment lead for programmatic and video at GroupM.

Instead of targeting all exchanges, GroupM whitelisted the number of exchanges it buys through to create a core group. Warner called it a “clinical, data-driven analysis” with the goal of understanding “the minimum number of exchanges that we absolutely need to have.”

Read the full story at AdExchanger.


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