January 11, 2018

GroupM Romania partners with Teach for Romania for project called "My Friends."

GroupM Romania started to support Teach for Romania in December of 2016. With this relationship, they have started a long term project called "My Friends." This project was created to develop childrens socio-emotional abilities and support the education process in Romania. Children grow imitating what they see around them, taking the behaviors from the ones to whom they identify or with which they socialize. Without positive examples, their behaviors became deviant, and the lack of having access to positive attitudes, increasingly lead to deficiencies in a harmonious development and finally, to socio-economic exclusion.

In order to create these positive examples, the program will have interaction between employees and TFR children in different contexts including visits to our offices, visits to their classes, and actively participating in helping the kids do their homework. They will also be doing all kinds of educational activities, such as organizing short trips with the kids to museums, reading & DYI workshops, and so on. The whole project is managed by the GroupM Talent Management department with great support from the CSR Ambassadors within each of our Agencies. 

Some highights of what the partnership has done so far include: 

-During last year, GroupM Romania was involved in three donation campaigns organized by "Let’s do it, Romania!" dedicated to Teach for Romania. Through these campaigns, they donated clothes for the children and their families, as well as toys and other useful materials for school. 

- The teams have redirected 20% of the profit tax to Teach for Romania (2016 & 2017).

- They hosted a kick off event in November 2017 where the children visited the GroupM offices. The children interacted with our colleagues, learned (in a funny way) about media, and had to find ways to promote their teacher (the outcome left everyone speechless). In the end, the children were awarded as little media specialists. Highlights from the event can be seen in the video above. 

For more information on Teach for Romania, please visit their website here


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