May 3, 2017

GroupM’s John Montgomery on the so-called ‘YouTube ban’, brand safety, viewability and more

The media giant’s EVP in charge of brand safety on why viewability matters, the trouble with ad blocking and what marketers should be focusing on when it comes to getting the most out of their digital spends.

How did you come by your present role? What made you the most suitable candidate?

I was the logical choice since I’d been engaged in brand safety. I headed digital ops in North America. With the scale of digital, the VC money and ad tech flowing into New York in particular and the US at large, we identified areas of brand safety and began mitigating those over time. We didn’t suddenly start this in September last year. We’d been doing it for 8 years.

There came a time when we said, this has been very good for us and our clients in the US, but what about the international situation? It was natural that the bosses looked to me and said, ‘How can we harmonise the work we are doing there?’ The media was writing about brand safety and trying to find how it was applicable to their own markets. And so CMOs and CEOs wanted to know how their agencies were helping solve these issues.

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