April 4, 2016

GroupM's North American CEO Featured in Adweek's FirstMover

Brian Lesser wants to continue pushing GroupM's technology innovation forward


Current gig North American CEO, GroupM
Previous gig CEO, Xaxis
Twitter @Blesser
Age 41

Adweek: How does your background at Xaxis help in your new role at GroupM?
Brian Lesser: Ultimately, only a machine and data can really match up consumer sentiment with appropriate advertising messages. And that's, of course, not true today in all channels. But I do think that over time, all media will be digital, all digital will be addressable, and all addressable media will be bought and sold programmatically. In my new role, the objective is to continue to push GroupM forward in terms of technology innovation, but instead of technology as it applies to the marketplace—which is still obviously very important—it's also focused on technology that is directed toward consumers to make sure our messages are targeted appropriately.

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