September 25, 2017

How Advertising can tackle its Disability Deficit

Diversity will be a hot topic at New York Advertising Week. As of this writing, no fewer than 12 sessions are scheduled that will focus on diversity in the industry.

But while issues related to racial, gender and sexual diversity will be deservedly discussed, there’s a large swath of the population that remains significantly underrepresented in these conversations: the 30 million disabled individuals in the US labor force.

Finding, nurturing, retaining and rewarding diverse talent remains at the forefront of every CEO’s challenges in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Much has been done in the last decade to address diversity as a business imperative with a degree of success that is both measurable and, at times, elusive.

Although the industry is still not where it should be (especially in the boardroom), advertisers have made great strides building networks, relationships and pipelines of top-tier talent that represent the world in which we live and the clients that we serve.

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