November 4, 2013

How Do the Media Pros Binge on Content?

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How Do the Media Pros Binge on Content?

Peter Tortorici, CEO, GroupM Entertainment Global

On what he looks for: "Great storytelling. And part of what makes great storytelling are great characters. Really fully realized, really compelling characters. Every one of those shows that I love, I love because of those things. And it all starts with great writers and then it's just the miracle of all of the pieces coming together."


On original content: "Original content is what defines you as a media brand. I remember when HBO was only known for movies -- way back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. And the fact of the matter is that the management then knew that original series was what would continue to be relevant to its end users. ... And now Netflix has made an auspicious beginning. I think that as more players really commit to doing great content, it'll be better for them, for their platforms, for people who want to consume their media content. It'll be better for their business."


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