September 6, 2016

How GroupM Plans to Safeguard Clients Online

John Montgomery strives to understand all the digital risks and mitigate them for brands. 

Adweek: The brand safety role is a new one. Why did GroupM need to create this position?   

John Montgomery: As opportunities with data and measurability and new efficiencies emerge in the digital supply chain, so does complexity. When there's complexity, there are tons of intermediaries, and where there are tons of intermediaries, it makes things more complex. Inevitably there are risks that appear—not just fraud—but risks of are my ads being seen? Are my ads being placed in appropriate positions? Am I getting the right target audiences that I asked for? All of these potential risk areas emerge and whilst clients are moving funds from linear into digital, they are also saying we really want to make sure that our brands are safe, we're getting what we asked for and that we enjoy the efficiencies that digital promises.

You're just under two months into the new role. How's it going? 


It's only been a couple of weeks but there's already been so much positive reinforcement for the role. There have been requests from every single region asking, "Hey, when can you help? Can you help us with a viewability standard?" It's gone a little quickly for my taste. I haven't fully handed over my other job yet. I think it will take a little while to settle in, but there's been a very encouraging response from the marketplace.



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