April 12, 2017

Is the Headline Cost of Ad Fraud and Non-Viewable Ads the Real Cost?

No one disputes that digital ad fraud exists. The ecosystem is under constant and evolving threat from non-human traffic in the form of bots. Nor does anyone dispute the existence of non-viewable advertising impressions. Many ads appear in areas of sites that cannot be seen -- in part or whole -- by their intended viewer. The Association of National Advertisers has determined that this an issue of extreme importance to its members.

Forrester, in a report published on March 30, defines the issue in aggregate as invalid impressions and places a "nominal dollar wastage" in 2016 of $7.4 billion. This relates "only" to desktop and laptop internet usage and only to the United States.

Because this number has caused considerable alarm for advertisers, we believe it necessary to provide some validation, for those advertisers that invest in tools to protect themselves and especially for those that do not.

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