June 6, 2016

Is TV Ready for Programmatic?

Too many television executives are missing the point; programmatic is a vehicle for creativity, and is not there to replace it, writes Exchange Lab's Chris Dobson.

Chris Dobson, CEO at The Exchange Lab and ex-BBC Worldwide GM, discusses why the TV industry has been so reluctant to embrace programmatic and how it is inevitable that TV ads will be traded programmatically in the future (just maybe not for the next few years).

2014 has a lot to answer for. That was the year that 'programmatic TV' swept across the trade media, rolling from the lips of agencies, advertisers and ad tech companies so freely that you'd be excused for thinking it had arrived already and was in full swing.

This hyperbole may have driven a more guarded response from some of the more traditional TV veterans. The fact is that two years later, programmatic TV reportedly still only makes up $1 billion of the reported $70 billion spent in programmatic in the US in 2015. Forecast growth is slow also; eMarketer predicts that by 2019, programmatic TV in the US will only make up $11.8 billion 13% of the total TV ad market.



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