It's Time for Printed Press to Reinvent Itself

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The arrival of the new Audience Measurement for Publishers is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, writes Steve Goodman, managing director, print trading at Group M UK.

It’s not often you get a chance to reinvent yourself. Madonna might disagree, or, for the younger audience who don’t know who Madonna is, the Apple iPhone offer a good example. Yet such a rare occasion has arrived for publishers of both magazines and newspapers.

Print or "offline" revenues are decreasing by double digits every year and their digital replacements are not growing nearly fast enough. The arrival of the new Audience Measurement for Publishers (AMP) readership data later this year (replacing the NRS or National Readership Survey) is a brilliant opportunity for the medium to capitalise on the breadth of coverage they have with highly engaging editorial content across all of their delivery platforms.

AMP will give the industry a chance to reposition its role in the marketing mix, become more appealing to planners, and to make a fantastic case to attract back those revenues that have been moving into the pure-play digital arena.

Not only will the new survey cover more titles (print, digital and mobile) than ever before, with over 90 brands included, but it will also allow the de-duplication of readership across the platforms, to ensure the medium’s delivery of audiences is completely accountable.  

Furthermore, AMP will continue to deliver the gold-standard research, previously supplied by the NRS, through 35,000 face-to-face interviews and a digital panel of 5,000 people which links to comScore data.

Why does AMP matter so much for the industry?

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