March 1, 2016

Joe Barone on Third Party Verification and More

Joe Barone is managing partner of digital ad operations for GroupM. He talked with AAM to talk about the progress that has been made on the major issues facing media today.

Joe Barone is managing partner of digital ad operations for GroupMOf all the issues facing the media industry—fraud, ad blocking, viewability, measurement, automation—which is the most concerning for GroupM?

Joe Barone: It is all interconnected and we think of the integrity of the digital supply chain holistically. We’re focused on being accountable in the digital supply chain and ensuring brand safety. We work with premium publishers, know who we’re buying from, enforce terms and conditions to make sure we have clean streets for our clients to walk down. With fraud, it’s always going to be a game of whack a mole. But if we can make it harder for the bad guys to operate and reduce their margins, we’ll get a lead on them and get a hold of the problem.

In the past year, there is a lot more education and confidence that we’re heading in the right direction. You need to understand the problem before you can address it. 



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