May 31, 2016

Making Programmatic Work: Three Questions to Ask Your Data Provider

This article is the latest in the series of AdTech reviews. This time the spotlight was turned to Data Management Platforms (DMPs). Specifically, the subgroup of platforms that can verify the audiences that have been exposed to digital ad-campaigns. For example: this technology verifies if an audience is mostly male or female, young or old, interested in sports or travel, etc...

Note that enterprise platforms that house 1st party data were not included in this test. This was because we weren't testing the quality of data from one specific client, instead we were testing the quality of commercially available online data.

Just like in previous tests, this review needed to be fair and transparent in order to understand the results. The goal of this test was not to prove that one DMP was "better" than another. Instead, intention behind the test was to get an understanding of the overall industry by looking at the results from multiple DMPs simultaneously.



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