April 6, 2017

'Math And Magic' Define Target & GroupM Agency Team Arrow

Agencies today have increasingly diverse and evolving skill sets that often crash into the reality of legacy client-organization structures. Last year, Target and GroupM launched Team Arrow Partners, a bespoke media agency model that is designed to both adapt to the realities of today’s market and to keep adapting, based on data, as the landscape evolves.

Target's Kristi Argyilan and GroupM's Kelly Clark joined moderator, Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram, at the 4As Transformation Conference earlier this week to discuss how they developed this new agency framework.

"Target's needs are unique," says Clark.

Target nicknames this new model “Math and Magic” to oversee its $500 million advertising account. “We combine the math of the brand with the magic of creative to bring real results," says Argyilan.

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