February 19, 2016

Maxus collaborates with Internet of Things group IoTBLR

Global marketing communications consultancy and digital agency Maxus has partnered with the IoTBLR Foundation for Pervasive Computing (IoTBLR). IoTBLR is an IoT (Internet of Things) focused meet up group founded Nihal Kashinath with a vision to grow awareness on IoT, empower individuals and organizations to build connected products, and create impact by leveraging pervasive computing solutions. Maxus and IoTBLR will work together with their brands in building new products and consumer engagement solutions.


Talking about the partnership, Nihal Kashinath, founder, IOTBLR said "We are very excited about working with Maxus and look forward to co-creating more campaigns and product prototypes that have rarely, if ever, been conceptualized before. We bring in a lot of technological fire power around the Internet of Things, wearable tech, virtual and augmented reality, rapid prototyping, etc as well as a massive developer network from which to crowd-source ideas plus expertise. To put these to work in the context of a brand's story is terribly exciting for us. There is a symbiotic relationship between creative campaigns and bleeding-edge technologies, and from our interactions so far with the Maxus team, we can confidently say that this partnership is going to push creative technology to stratospheric levels (possibly literally). So get ready to see futuristic tech come alive today."

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