April 7, 2016

Maxus Global CEO Lindsay Pattison Reveals Her Manifesto for Agency Leadership

Agency leaders today must be prepared to show ‘approachability and humanity’, Maxus boss Lindsay Pattison tells M&M Global.

It is the contradiction at the heart of the agency world: as the marketing and media business grows ever more technical and complex, how can leaders create a more fluid, flexible and open working environment.

As the battle for talent intensifies, and young people enter the industry insisting on a working environment more suited to their habits and needs, the demands on agency CEOs are changing. Impersonal target-setting is out; empathy and collaboration is in.

Maxus global chief executive Lindsay Pattison will address this challenge of reinventing agency leadership in a session at this year’s Festival of Media Global in Rome. Speaking to M&M Global, Pattison says she and her contemporaries at other agencies must aspire to be “more human” to create successful businesses.

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