October 30, 2017

Media Agencies Are Rising

Our agencies help clients in ways that Google, Facebook and Amazon will never do, writes Group M's Global Chief Executive.

Every business needs a purpose. A business without one will eventually fail, and even a well-defined purpose doesn’t guarantee success.

GroupM exists to support brand growth and the competitiveness of our clients. That purpose drives everything we do, every day.

We don’t pretend to do what Google, Facebook, Amazon, or many other important media sellers do. We do something none of them will ever do: we judge impartially how each of them individually, and all of them collectively, help our clients reach and effectively communicate with consumers to sell more products and services.

We have acquired and refined our expertise in consumers, markets, and media investment over decades. We see across brands and categories, retailers and other intermediaries, and all significant media platforms. We use our knowledge to serve our specific clients, and to improve the industry. Importantly, we do all of this while operating in real, live-trading markets, in every country in the world, every single day. 

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