May 11, 2016

Media Jenga: A New Game at the Upfront

It's Upfront time; the annual futures market of the US TV industry. Despite the annual debate about its significance it remains the largest single financial inflection point of the year for advertisers. Incorrectly predicting demand and supply can be expensive.

A lot has changed -- and there's a new phenomenon this year that shows the shape of things to come. We used to live in simpler times. Wanted to buy ads on Fox?  Easy, call Fox.  In print things were much the same. A page in Vogue maybe? A call to Conde Nast would do it. 

Drift forward to the digital age (which at first we also thought was pretty simple). Ads on the New York Times digital properties? Either call the Times or buy them from an exchange or an ad network. Want more just like the NYT? Buy inventory extensions on other properties. Multi-platform? Call ESPN for one stop access to TV, the web and the app. 

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