June 17, 2016

Medialets Pushing Integrity in Mobile Advertising

For the buy side, the only fair way to measure mobile ad impressions is when they’ve actually rendered on a device.

Otherwise, advertisers might be getting taken for a ride by publishers using different methods of counting, said Richy Glassberg, CEO of Medialets, a mobile ad platform and mobile ad server that’s been under WPP since April 2015.

“If an advertiser pays a publisher to deliver 100 million ads, that publisher needs to make sure the advertiser gets 100 million ads rendered and not 100 million ad calls,” Glassberg said. “We need to hold publishers accountable and count on render.”

As the chief of a holding company subsidiary, it’s no surprise Glassberg feels that way. And, in fact, the numbers paint an unfortunate picture.

After looking at 2.7 billion impressions across its mobile ad server over 11 days in early May, Medialets found that roughly 20% of ad calls on the mobile web were “wasted,” aka they don’t ever fully render on a device.



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