July 21, 2015

Medialets’ Servo Earns Media Rating Council Accreditation For Rich Media and Video Served Impressions Across Mobile, Web & App

Current Accreditation for Mobile Served Display Ad Impressions and Clicks Continued

New York, July 21, 2015 -- Medialets today announced that Media Rating Council (MRC) has accredited ServoTM, Medialets’ buy-side mobile ad server that effectively measures complete mobile advertising ROI, for rich media and video served ad impression measurements across mobile web and app.  MRC has also granted continued accreditation to Servo’s mobile display served ad impressions and clicks, which were originally accredited by MRC in 2014.  Servo remains the first and only mobile buy-side ad serving platform to achieve MRC accreditation across this range of mobile ad formats. 

MRC is an independent industry organization promoting and validating the quality of media research and measurement practices. With MRC accreditation for mobile display, rich media and video served ad impressions across mobile web and app, Servo enables brands and agencies to comprehensively and accurately measure mobile campaign delivery with confidence. 

"We congratulate Medialets on the continuation of its mobile display ad serving and clicks MRC accreditation, as well as the first-time accreditation of video and rich media mobile served ad impressions,” said George W. Ivie, Media Rating Council Executive Director and CEO. “Medialets continues to demonstrate leadership in mobile ad serving measurement, and its strong commitment to quality and transparency, by MRC accreditation of these key ad serving and click metrics across both mobile web and in-app environments.” 

Consumers engage most on mobile devices, and mobile usage only continues to grow. To keep up and seize inherent opportunities, marketers need reliable campaign ROI data to validate investments. With Servo’s robust platform, brands and agencies have accredited mobile ad serving metrics to comprehensively audit, track and measure return on their mobile advertising spend with the confidence that their data is private and secure.  Marketers can deliver, measure, attribute, and understand the ROI of every impression across all creative types, everywhere in mobile.  Accreditation of these key Servo metrics contributes to this understanding, and supports further investments in the mobile space.  

“Marketplace integrity is central to building advertiser confidence in mobile inventory. Accredited third party verification is the only way to do this,” said Rob Norman, GroupM Global Chief Digital Officer. "As the first MRC-accredited mobile buy-side ad server with metrics accredited for all forms of mobile advertising - static, video and rich media - Medialets is the leading mobile ad serving partner for the industry and for GroupM clients.” 

Founded in 2008, Medialets has built some of the world’s most engaging rich media ads for clients including Toyota, American Express, Procter and Gamble, and more. Medialets helped define industry standards around the MRAID creative API, creative processes, and mobile rich media and video benchmarks. Creative agencies are able to leverage Medialets’ proven HTML5 creative tools and libraries to build engaging rich ads to tell brand stories. Creative tools and libraries, all accessible using Servo, enable planning, design, and creation of mobile rich media ads with ease and efficiency. Servo simplifies a previously cumbersome trafficking process with a streamlined workflow. 

With Servo, clients are now equipped to set up campaigns at scale across all mobile ad formats, all mobile inventory sources, and both app and web mobile environments while accurately tracking and measuring the most comprehensive data. 

“With our proven ability to accurately measure in all mobile environments, across all display types, now including video and rich media, we ensure all our worldwide partners can confidently shift dollars to mobile,” explained Richy Glassberg, Medialets CEO. “Our accreditation, coupled with our leading attribution and conversion data, makes mobile work for advertisers." 


About Medialets: 

WPP’s Medialets is creator of Servo™, the only technology that helps marketers manage and measure the complete ROI of mobile ad campaigns. Servo is also the only buy-side mobile ad server to receive Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for display, impressions, clicks, video and rich media impressions. Founded in 2008, Medialets is headquartered in New York City with offices in London, Chicago and Los Angeles. To learn more, visit https://medialets.com and follow us on Twitter @medialets.


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