January 13, 2016

Mindshare Day 2016 in Germany

Last year, Mindshare globally recognized 15th January 2015 as Mindshare Day and celebrated it by announcing its refreshed global positioning: original thinking driven by speed, provocation and teamwork.

Now on 13th January 2016, 7000 Mindshare employees in 116 offices across 86 countries spread throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific will once again come together to celebrate Mindshare Day, but this time under the motto “Charity”. 

Mindshare Day 2016 in Germany

In Germany we have developed the Purple Power symbol in order to leave our very own unique mark on this massive humanitarian movement taking place across our offices worldwide.

On 13th January, we will start at 1pm CET with a brief introductory presentation. After which we split up into multiple groups that would then take part in 9 charity actions that run parallel to each other.

At our office in Frankfurt we have organized the following charity actions:

•DKMS Donor Drive: To save lives, our employees will be registering themselves to become stem cell donors for patients with blood cancer. 

•Help for Orphans: Some of our brightest brains will sit together and develop communication strategies for NHP Germany, a local NGO that is dedicated to helping orphans in Germany.

•Social Institutions such as Schmetterling Krebshilfe (Cancer Aid), Caritas Flüchtlingshilfe (Refugee Relief), Vita Assistenzhunde (Dog Rescue), Bundesverband der Organtransplantierten (Organ Transplant) and Frankfurter Tafel (Food Donation) will be given 20 minutes each to showcase how they are making a difference to German society. In return, our employees will provide them with the necessary support in terms of donor registrations, clothes, food etc.

•Donation: Money collected from the sale of cake during the day and dinner in the evening, will be donated equally to two pre-selected charities i.e. Schmetterling Krebshilfe (Cancer Aid) and Vita Assistenzhunde (Dog Rescue).

Outside our office, but in and around Frankfurt, we will also actively support:

•Day Cares

oOne team will help Kita Kinder Zentrum to renovate various rooms in their day care. As the first step we will organize various renovation materials (paint, paint brushes etc.) from a local hardware store and have it delivered to the Day Care. Then on a pre-selected date thereafter we will visit the Day Care again and paint the necessary rooms.

oA second team will transport and gift a Sony Singstar, PlayStation 2 and a Kicker Table to the children of Kita Ursula Zentrum. (LIVE Broadcast in The Loop)

•Refugee Relief

oMindshare employees will assist Caritas distribute clothes to refugees at one of their local clothes depot. (LIVE Broadcast in The Loop)

oAnother set of our volunteers will fill up 15 school bags with all kinds of useful goodies for refugee children. These bags will then be delivered to the Caritas refugee relief center for further distribution. (LIVE Broadcast in The Loop)

•Needy families: A hand full of our employees will spend the entire afternoon outside FIT, a local supermarket here in Frankfurt. For donation, the Team will be requesting visiting customers to buy an extra portion of any one food product of their choice. The collected food will then be put in special donation bags and handed over to Frankfurter Tafel for distribution amongst needy families. (LIVE Broadcast The Loop)

Our teams will also use Periscope to broadcast live some of the above mentioned charity actions on 4 of the 8 screens in The Loop. The remaining 4 screens will showcase and track Mindshare Day in real time with the help of various specialized tools i.e. Brandwatch / Vizia and Walls.io.

Expected Impact

This year with Mindshare Day we would like to provide various leading charities a platform to showcase their work and educate our employees about how they can also join in and make a difference. 

In addition we would like to generate buzz in the local press and on the various social networks, so that Germany and the rest of the world can sit up and take notice of our PURPLE POWER.


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