April 1, 2016

Mindshare Shares POV on Ad Blocking

Mindshare Point of View

A group of key stakeholders from the World Federation of Advertisers, the World Economic Forum and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe met in London recently with other key stakeholders - advertisers, agencies, consumer groups, publishers and a government representative - and issued a four point plan on how to improve digital advertising as ad blocking, intrusive tracking, and poor metrics continue to be an issue. Anti-ad-blocking firm PageFair put together the meeting. 

Details and Implications:

Ad blockers allow consumers to access content for ‘free’ by stripping out the ads.  The way ad blockers generate revenue is by selling data that they gather from your device, charging consumers to use the service or by allowing ads to pass through their blocker based on a fee that a publisher splits with the ad blocker based on what is delivered to the end user. Although ad blocking is larger on desktop, it will grow on mobile, especially among millennial males.



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