January 24, 2017

[m]PLATFORM CEO Discusses Strategy for Post Cookie Measurement

A view of the post-cookie measurement battleground

Identity measurement is hot in online advertising, again.

Stitching together an individual’s cross-device user journey has always been nearly impossible to do with real precision, largely because mobile usage can’t be tracked through cookies. That’s why the term “identity measurement” has come to be regarded as the next best thing to the cookie, when it comes to tracking a person’s interaction with ads, across devices.

The concept isn’t new. Google and Facebook have long had the ability to track individuals across the web, courtesy of their customer login data. But data-privacy law changes in Europe and a recent major entrant into the space — WPP’s media investment arm GroupM — have made the topic front and center of industry discussions once again.

“It’s huge. People don’t realize how poor the cookie is in a mobile world. It’s the beginning of the post-cookie ecosystem, where very few players have high-quality, persistent ID data. And those that do don’t want to play nicely together to help the industry connect these IDs across the ecosystem,” said VCCP Media chairman Paul Mead. “If in the future, the tech giants can create some kind of ‘digital Switzerland’ that the industry can access to connect these IDs, then that’s the best-case scenario for the industry.” Good luck with that.

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