October 28, 2016

Multicultural Marketing Needs a Reinvention, and it’s Called Cultural Marketing

Are multicultural shops still relevant? The answer depends on the marketer or ad executive you ask. This is one of the most ongoing debates within the marketing and advertising landscape, especially as more brands begin to embrace the “total market approach.” (I’ll use this term for the purposes of this article, but please note I’m not a fan of this term).

When first posed with this question, I put myself in the mindset of clients, juggling multiple work streams, various iterations of marketing and creative briefs, and the need to implement and execute a strategy in a seamless yet impactful manner. With the multiple complexities that various shops bring, it’s totally understandable why many advertisers have sought out the total market approach.

While some marketers (multicultural and general market) may still be pushing back on the total market approach, change is inevitable. Collectively 38% of the U.S. population is multicultural and the Census projects this segment will be a majority by 2044, if not sooner. As we brace ourselves for the 2020 census that will further reveal the dramatic population shifts within the U.S, its essential that as marketers in the multicultural space we no longer operate in (ineffective) silos – as the shift in population will continue to create more culturally inclusive consumers.



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