April 25, 2017

Nick Theakstone: Online ad fraud is a game of whack-a-mole

It's estimated that fraud costs the UK economy £193bn a year, equating to more than £6,000 lost per second every day*, a lucrative way to make money.

The financial industry found itself heavily under attack over recent years and implemented very strong protections against fraud.

The fraudsters then turned to the ad industry, which was less protected, had higher pay-outs than credit cards and had newly automated processes with multiple points of exploitation. In a never ending and very expensive game of cat and mouse, fraudsters (or criminals as I like to call them) had found an even better and easier way to make money from online ad campaigns.

And it’s a constant challenge, because like a game of whack-a-mole, once a solution is found to one type of online ad fraud, a new one pops up.

There is a huge number of different types of online advertising fraud out there, from site traffic fraud, misrepresenting people or domains to bots, ad stacking, pixel stuffing, hi-jacking, domain spoofing, ad format misrepresentation and fake sites.

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