June 8, 2016

Rob Norman: A New Taxonomy for Video

With the Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity just ahead of us, advertisers and their agencies wait for the judgment of their peers on creativity in all of advertising, media and the use of data. Video as ever will feature strongly and often it's the winning films that live longest in the memory. With that in mind it's a good time to attend to the important matter of achieving clarity in respect of the nature of the fast evolving video advertising marketplace. A simple taxonomy that accounts for both the nature of the device and the usage of that device is required.

The taxonomy below is a hierarchy, in descending order, from television as we have known it, through to those video advertising experiences that most resemble television's ability to carry video advertising, to those that represent a new video paradigm.

It makes no reference to scale but has significant suggestions, most notably that the longer the duration of the "container" or program, the more likely it is to be viewed with "sound on" as a default and represent an appropriate ad-to-content value exchange with the consumer. Longer content is a better carriage vehicle for all but the most electrifyingly compelling ad experiences. By extension, those wondering about, or encouraging, the migration of TV dollars to "digital" might pause and consider what it is they are actually asking for.

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